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Common Sense Business is the trusted engaging resource which allows you to develop your business and your business skills in a calm and relevant way without leaving your desk. Prioritising the relevance for Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Start Ups for us means that our authors and contributors have real hands on experience working with SMEs and Start Ups. This knowledge is also grounded in big business experience. That way you get the best of both worlds.

We’ve Been Where You Are

The internet is a pool of knowledge for business owners. There is an infinite amount of material available online that aims to provide new knowledge and help you build fundamental skills. However, much of the material is overcomplicated and academic in its approach and is not written with small business owners in mind. Common Sense Business presents information and fills gaps in your knowledge using plain, simple English – so you don’t need a diploma to understand it!

Our Founder – Debbie Bird

Debbie Bird had the orginal idea for Common Sense Business in 2014 when she was working as a Business Coach for owners of small businesses.

She was frustrated that business owners had to choose between one coach or another. With the best will in the world no coach knows about everything! She found she was good at matching people up with the right expert but often that meant that she lost her direct relationship with her client. She wanted to create a place where it was easy and affordable for business owners to get the information they needed  from a range of subject experts – whatever the question. 

She has always been driven by giving business owners confidence to keep challenging themselves and their teams to build thriving and sustainable enterprises.

Common Sense Business is her way of helping business owners access the right support  in a truly accessible way.

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