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We are all about explaining business fundamentals and supporting you as you put your learning into practise. This comes through our elearning courses, audios, videos, webinars and ‘the written word’


Live Webinars – the powerful modern way to join group training. Our chat group is open throughout the broadcast so that you can ask and answer questions, share your experiences and hear from others.

Forum Access– an opportunity to virtually meet and talk to like minded entrepreneurs

eLearning course – these courses have been written for your business using the tools routinely used by large organisations. Why do they use this method? Interactive elearning provides high quality and consistent learning which is proven to be a very effective way for taking on knowledge and developing skills. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you too.


Recorded webinar catalogue – so that you can catch up at a time to suit you

Video courses – our clever technology mean that our courses are available as a video, press start, sit back and learn!


Sense Sheets – we recognise that sometimes the written word suits best so our courses are available as PDFs for you to download. Alternatively you may want good quality notes to accompany your elearning or videos.

Course materials – workbooks and templates to help you get the most from your learning

Webinar Transcripts – have a written record of the live events


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